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What Is Raw Roundup?

Raw Roundup is the largest online, holistic canine nutrition event in the world! Watch every session from the comfort of your own living room. This year we are coming to you live and  online. Tune in from your phone, tablet or computer and they best part is, you can stay in your pajamas! Here's your chance to start your own pet down a healthier path or kick up his already healthy diet with the help of our experts. 

Here's what to expect ...

World Leading Experts

Live Sessions

Group Chat & Discussions

A Supportive, Interactive Environment 

All New Nutrition Roundtable


This year we've added a roundtable discussion with our top vets and experts. Watch live,  as they discuss the hottest and most controversial nutrition topics today. 


ANSWER: You! and the finest holistic vets and experts of the world!
We're currently rounding up our professional presenters for this event. Once the agenda is finalized we will announce our presenters and the entire schedule will be live on this page. HOWEVER - once our agenda is finalized, prices will go up! - Scroll down to grab your ticket today and save. We can't wait to see you at you at Raw Roundup 2017!

The Agenda

  • DAY 1
    March 24
  • DAY 2
    March 25
  • DAY 3
    March 26

Sunday Morning Kick-Off

Be There Or Be Square

9:15 am EST

Invest in Food, Not Medicine - Healing With Real Foods

With Judy Morgan DVM

Dr Morgan will use real life success stories to describe how food therapy can be used to treat specific diseases in dogs.

9:30 am EST

The Naked Truth About Supplements

With Pat Jordan DVM

Dr Jordan will demystify supplement ingredients. Learn about typical ingredients (including the often confusing inactive ingredients) in supplements, why whole food supplements are best and what to look for when you’re choosing your dog’s supplements.

11:00 am EST

Toxins, Minerals And How To Keep Your Best Friend Nourished And Safe

With Peter Dobias DVM

The key to a healthy and long life for your dog. Learn about trace minerals in your dog’s diet and how to manage all-too-common mineral deficiencies.

1:00 pm EST

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall: A Seasonal Connection For Raw Feeders

With Rita Hogan Canine Herbalist

Rita will explain why it’s a good idea to vary your dog’s food with the seasons, and which foods are best at different times of year.

2:30 pm EST

Nutrition And Diabetes: What's The Connection?

With Jean Hofve DVM

Dr Hofve will share information on how diet affects diabetes. Diet doesn’t directly cause diabetes in dogs like it does in cats … but it does have a massive impact in creating conditions in which diabetes can occur, as well in managing the disease.

4:00 pm EST

Closing Session

With Dana Scott

Founder And Editor-In-Chief Of Dogs Naturally Magazine

5:30 pm EST

Here's what past attendees are saying ...

Laurie Kambeitz

"Wow...great day at Raw Round Up...Keep it fresh and keep it simple....I needed that Julie Anne Lee. Thanks to all the speakers...will definitely be going back to the replays. Thanks also Dana Scott and Julia Henriques for doing this for all of us that are over the moon for our dogs and want only the best. Zowsers! Amazing!"

Billie Jo Reimche 

"This was the first raw roundup I've watched live and thought it was awesome. Great speakers, topics, and audience. It's so nice connecting with people as passionate about natural dog care as I am!"

Kathy Bottone 

"I just wanted to thank everyone for a GREAT weekend! For the organizers for being so knowledgeable, flexible, responsive and fun- and for all of the participants who were so gracious about sharing their knowledge. It's so awesome to "meet" others who are as passionate about the health and welfare of our furry friends!"

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